(Adnkronos) – Enhancing Customer Communication Through Exclusive Events… Introducing Diverse Solutions FRANKFURT, Germany, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CJ Europe (CJE), the Europe business headquarters of the global leading fermentation-based ingredients and solutions manufacturer CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT), will showcase its new innovative technologies and products at CJ FNT Discovery Lounge for their VIP customers: CJE business headquarters located in Frankfurt, Germany. The CJ FNT Discovery Lounge will take place in Main airport center on November 27-29 which is the same duration of Food ingredients Europe exhibition period. Drawing on CJE's latest solutions, the lounge was designed to illustrate CJ FNT's value proposition for customer satisfaction and natural fermentation technology through the concept of an airport lounge. CJE will be highlighting CJ FNT's differentiated 'Nrich' brands and technologies through applications to various food samples: TasteNrich® applied to K-foods such as Tteokbokki as K-flavor enabler, and ActiveNrich™ & WellNrich™ applied to functional beverages and gummies.  not only gives food a more profound and rich taste but as a fermented vegetable material with the 'Clean label' natural concept where no additives are added. is a natural antioxidant solution in the form of fermentation extract with glutathione as the core component. It can be used as a raw material for various functional health food products. is an organic mineral solution line-up, consisting of key components such as zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe). It is characterized by keywords such as 'real natural,' 'better functionality,' 'high quality,' and 'safe', as an ingredient for various functional health foods. "CJ FNT Discovery Lounge will illustrate CJ's vision to expenditure food & nutrition business," said Lance Choi, Head of CJ FNT. "As we move forward to become the 'total solutions provider' by expanding investment as a member of the Food Valley, we believe our customers will also experience the high-level values that we provide." CJ FNT continues to introduce next-generation ingredients with its strong brand and product portfolios that can replace additives used to enhance the taste, aroma, texture, and nutrition while also embodying the principles of clean label, safety, non-GMO, and sustainability. About CJ Europe CJ Europe (CJE) is the Europe headquarters of CJ Food & Nutrition Tech. It is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and is staffed with food and nutrition experts. Recently, CJE made a contract with Wageningen in the Food Valley and spur to become a total solutions provider. About CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT) CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT) is CJ CheilJedang's newly established business unit tasked with leading innovations and enhancing wellness in the food and nutritional ingredient market by synergizing CJ's top-notch food and bio capabilities. With more than 200 R&D experts, CJ FNT envisions becoming the 'global total solution provider' enabling a healthier and sustainable lifestyle based on cutting-edge R&D infrastructure. For more information, visit www.cjfnt.net
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