(Adnkronos) – MUNICH, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MFSG Pte Ltd (MFSG), headquartered in Shanghai and renowned for its expertise in Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS), recently announced its participation at SEMICON Europa 2023. Taking place from November 14-17 at the Neue Messe München trade fair center, in Munich, Germany, MFSG is seeking to leverage this appearance to introduce its integrated AMHS solutions at booth B1659 to the European market, as well as highlighting the company's commitment to expanding throughout Europe. SEMICON Europa 2023 will be held alongside Productronica in Munich, and stands as a major global industry event, attracting electronics manufacturing professionals from around the world. Within the industry, SEMICON is renowned for its pivotal role in setting trends and global standards. MFSG has evolved from being a supplier of AMHS products to a system-level provider with the capability to offer turnkey AMHS solutions, handle mass production, execute project implementation, and ensure smooth deliveries. An AMHS is a complex automated handling system that holds significant importance in factory automation. It enables dust-free automated material handling between production lines in semiconductor wafer fabs, reduces vibration during the handling process, meets the precision production requirements of semiconductors, and enhances semiconductor production efficiency. Front and center of MFSG's presentation is the unveiling of the innovative OHT v4.0. The Overhead Transport system (OHT) acts as the automated backbone of material movement within production facilities. Strategically placed overhead rails facilitate the swift transport of materials, eliminating manual interventions, reducing potential errors, and amplifying overall production efficiency. The OHT v4.0, the newest in this line, presents notable enhancements. It boasts a maximum speed of 5m/s, a significant increase from the earlier 3.5m/s, marking it as an industry leader. Additionally, its design caters to various carrier types, allowing for even greater versatility. Those attending SEMICON can get an in-depth look at the OHT v4.0, where a detailed video presentation will showcase the product's features and benefits. MFSG is a comprehensive AMHS solution provider, meaning aside from the OHT v4.0, the brand will be presenting several other solutions, including AMHS Software, Material Transport Systems, Material Storage Systems, and Purge Systems. Each product and solution is designed to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of the semiconductor industry. About MFSG: Singapore-based MFSG was established in 2018 as a team of AMHS technical experts, offering their expertise in delivering precise material handling solutions customized to meet the specific requirements of global customers. The team's vision is to be a world-class provider of Automated Material Handling Systems within the Semiconductor industry, enabling integration and solutions focused on accelerating customer's operational efficiency. MFSG's mission is to provide customer satisfaction through quality and advanced AMHS solutions by constantly innovating to move forward and achieve new breakthroughs. 
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