(Adnkronos) – HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HIKMICRO'S explorer ethos has established the brand as the global leader in thermal and digital day and night vision optics. The industry-leading monocular, binocular and scope, etc, can be applied to different scenarios. HIKMICRO's philosophy is to always be an explorer in pursuit of superior technology. HIKMICRO's brand vision is to take thermal and digital imagining technology from the niche to the masses. NEW HORIZONS Exploring new business opportunities has already taken the HIKMICRO brand into many new areas. HIKMICRO aims to provide the ultimate outdoor viewing experience for everyone in fields including animal observation and conservation, search and rescue, security and marine. HIKMICRO's explorations really are lighting up the outdoor world, making it a safer and brighter place, taking the users closer to nature than ever before. ENHANCED HUNTING HIKMICRO's exploration has resulted in a complete re-imagining of hunting optics, with thermal devices enabling hunters to enjoy a fully immersive outdoor experience all hours. HIKMICRO is always exploring new ways to enhance the hunting experience. Hunters can share their triumphs via the HIKMICRO SIGHT app, pairing the device with the smartphone to capture photographs and video. HIKMICRO thermal imaging technology breaks through visual limitations to provide the ultimate hunting experience. HIKMICRO KEY PRIORITIES HIKMICRO is committed to exploring high technologies with the brand's priorities lying in three key areas. The first is image quality – a high-quality 20mK detector, advanced algorithm and ultra-clear display will deliver a vivid and informative image in all light and weather conditions. Secondly, reliability is achieved through the use of high-quality materials and rigorous crafting to provide robust, highly stable products. Third, usability is a top priority and HIKMICRO strives to understand the end user's needs to ensure that our products are simple and enjoyable to use. Pioneering developments for enhanced image quality include adaptive gray scale mapping adjustment strategy and multi-scale detail extraction technology. The result is that HIKMICRO devices show the most real and natural images, even when using digital zoom, which is enhanced by ZOOM Pro feature which provides super-clear zoom viewing with remarkable detail recognition. HIKMICRO devices deliver outstanding usability through features including replaceable batteries and extremely long runtime. Ease of use is enhanced through intuitive operation with features including intelligent button arrangement, and ergonomic design for the most comfortable user experience. Ultimate reliability is a result of HIKMICRO's rigorous quality control. This includes relentless testing for shock resistance, air impermeability, maximum and minimum operating temperature, waterproofing, lens torsion and body integrity. HIKMICRO'S two newest releases build on the brand's commitment to image quality, reliability and usability, and take all three concepts to the next level. INTRODUCING THE HIKMICRO CONDOR THERMAL MONOCULAR The HIKMICRO CONDOR is set to be the most popular handheld thermal monocular on the market. Its powerful, high-sensitivity (NETD


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