(Adnkronos) – CHANGZHOU, China, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trina Solar's 210mm Vertex ultra-high power modules, including the Vertex N 700W and the Vertex 670W, are being used in a 2GW photovoltaic project in coal mine goafs in Ningxia, China. Once the station is connected to the grid it is forecast to save about 960,000 tons of standard coal and cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 2.62 million tons a year. Additionally, the project has adopted solar power tailored to local conditions to make the most of land resources including subsidence areas and barren hills and slopes. The development of new energy sources has been integrated with environmentally friendly mining management techniques. By implementing these measures, the local provision of environmentally friendly electricity has been guaranteed while simultaneously promoting environmentally friendly operating methods. This will speed up the transition of subsidence regions to green. Ningxia is endowed with copious sunshine and intense radiation, providing a distinctive edge for developing solar energy. This project, in addition to producing clean energy with high-efficiency every day, also shoulders the responsibility of environmental restoration. After carefully considering environmental impact and dependability, and conducting a rigorous module selection process, the project owner chose Trina Solar's "golden-size" 210mm 66-cell modules. Vertex N 700W modules, a star in ground-mounted power stations, and Vertex p-type 670W modules jointly guarantee high efficiency of power generation and stable supply of green energy. Based on the 210mm product technology platform, both modules excel with their power, efficiency, reliability and LCOE and have gained recognition among global customers. The high reliability of Vertex N 700W modules further stands out with their durability and their performance in diverse settings including sinkholes, gullies and mountains. In the future, Trina Solar will continue to be customer-oriented and draw on innovation as a driving force. With the integrated n-type industrial chain, high-quality products and excellent service, the company will keep contributing to a net zero future. 
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