(Adnkronos) – ROME, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SERMATEC, a leader in the energy storage industry, is making its much-anticipated first appearance at ZeroEmission Mediterranean 2023 in the Rome Exhibition Center at booth B18 C17 from October 10-12, 2023, exhibiting its cutting edge commercial and industrial, and residential energy storage systems (ESS). With its green and sustainable development concept, SERMATEC is hoping to empower European companies to save energy and rise to the challenges of high carbon taxes. Building on the momentum from the exhibition, SERMATEC is thrilled to showcase its standout product to the European market. SERMATEC's Outdoor Liquid-Cooled Cabinet SMT-ESS-CUBE372, designed to cater to both Commercial & Industrial and Utility sectors, with a 372kWh battery capacity, allows for flexible expansion with its modular design and can achieve voltage regulation, three-phase imbalance and harmonic control, boosting power quality. It can be used as a back-up power supply to reduce energy consumption costs for enterprises, increase green energy consumption, and maintain the safe and stable running of the systems and series of liquid-cooled container-type energy storage systems feature peak shaving, demand response, back-up power supply, and command response working modes. Extending its expertise to cater to residential energy users, SERMATEC also showcased its Residential High and Low Voltage Stackable Energy Storage Systems, Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Inverter. Li Feng, Chairman of SERMATEC, commented, "This exhibition signifies our debut in the Italian market, highlighting our technical prowess and green mission in Europe. Given the UN's carbon goals and Europe's increasingly stringent carbon tax policies, we hope to contribute to global energy conservation. As a leader in the energy storage industry, we have delivered 2.5GWh globally and we look forward to helping more European companies achieve energy conservation and cost reductions." SERMATEC, with a core team with over 15 years industry experience, is committed to providing cutting-edge energy storage technologies and solutions to customers in over 50 countries. The company's energy storage technology and products have been widely used by well-known enterprises including BASF SH, Fuyao Glass, Huale Alloy Group, Desai, Lei Shing Hong, and Foxconn, and continues to drive the green transformation of global energy. About SERMATEC Established in 2017, SERMATEC is an energy digital intelligent operation service provider and energy storage equipment manufacturer with energy storage as its core. Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2245608/SERMATEC_exhibit.jpg
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