(Adnkronos) – YONGIN, South Korea, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Noul Co., Ltd., (376930.KR), an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based blood and cancer diagnostic platform company, has newly introduced 'miLab™ Cartridge CER', a cervical cell analysis product at the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2023. The miLab™ Cartridge CER is a product automatically staining and analyzing cervical cells. It stains cervico-viginal samples smeared manually or by LBC using the Papanicolaou staining combined with NGSI, a solid-based staining technology developed by Noul. When used with miLab™, Noul's AI-based diagnostic platform, it provides staining, imaging, and cell analysis results that assist user's decision making. The miLab™ Cartridge CER uses cervical cytology as a screening method, and it can identify the detailed stages of cervical pre-cancer/cancer by utilizing the AI-based morphology analysis, which is the benefit of miLab™ platform. Moreover, it minimizes the total test time allowing users to review the overall area, distinguish between negative and positive cells, and identify the most diagnostically relevant cells. David Lim, CEO of Noul, said, "Through the launch of cervical cell analysis products, we have made a real step forward in the cancer diagnostic business. The miLab™ Cartridge CER is compatible with both PAP smear and LBC methods, and it enables efficient and accurate cervical cell review with the full automatic staining and analysis. We want to contribute to the early diagnosis of cervical cancer, the fourth largest cancer in the world for women." Meanwhile, Noul obtained CE mark for miLab™ Cartridge CER in August 2022 and CE-IVDR mark for miLab™ platform in February 2023. #AI #diagnostic #diagnosis #cancer #cervical #cervix #digital-health #IVD #innovation #Noul #FIGO About Noul Noul is recognized for its innovative technology as the first AI-based diagnostic platform company in the blood and cancer sector, with miLab™ platform introduced as "the most advanced digital microscope and fully integrated bench-top platform" in UNITAID's report in 2022. Website https://noul.kr/en/
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